Top-up via Mobile Card

GameFullVIP supports "PayPal" and "Mobile CARD" top-up! This tutorial is only for "Mobile Card"!

If you cannot top-up via PayPal, we have an alternative method: "Vietnam Mobile Card".


+ Top-up via Paypal (get 10~35% extra COIN):

+ Top-up via Mobile Card (no promotion):


1. How it work? 

- In our portal, it supports all Vietnam mobile cards. List below: 

+ ZING (VINAGAME) (TOP1 priority)

+ VietnamMobile (TOP2 priority)

Exchange rate:

$2 = 40.000 COINs = 130.000 diamonds 
(basic ratio)


2. Where and how do I find these cards? 

-, or any "digital game store" in your country! 

- The advantage of this method is that it doesn't require VISA or Mastercards! You can buy it with your local bank account!


For example:



After that, please choose "Retrieve" to get the Serial number (Card No) and Pin code (if you buy via SEAGM). Sometime, you must wait for verification!



3. How do I top up my account and transfer COIN into the game?

- First step, go to


- Then input all the information (the VALUE must exactly match), and wait a few minutes!




* Noties:

- After entering all the card information, the system receives the card and processes the card.

- Card processing time is 1-3 minutes. The system automatically adds COIN to your account.

- You need to choose the correct amount to avoid card cancellation.

- To get more offers, please use the top-up method via ATM/VISA/MOMO or PayPal.




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