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Get Ready for an Epic Ninja War 2D Adventure!

Dear master! We're announce the launch of our brand new mobile game - Ninja War 2D!

Are you ready for a world filled with powerful ninjas, mystical elements, and endless battles?
Get ready to countless challenges, battles, and secrets waiting to be unveiled.


Game Features

- Star Up and Maximize 25 Stars
All LR Ninjas with the potential of 25 stars and powerful skills!


- 48 Types of Talents and 6 types Formation
Strategize and enhance your ninja team with 48 different talents. Mix and match to create unstoppable combinations that will lead you to victory!


- Five Elements Ninja
Harness the power of Water, Fire, Wind, Earth, and Thunder ninjas.
Each element offers unique strengths and weaknesses, and mastering them to become the ultimate ninja.


- Over 100+ Ninja SSR, UR, LR
Discover a vast array of powerful ninjas in various rarities – SSR, UR, and LR.

- 300+ Ninjas in the Story
Immersive storyline, where over 300 ninjas will cross your path.
Unravel the mysteries of their world and forge alliances that will shape your destiny.

But that's not all!



Additional Game Functions

- Ninja PET
Build a bond with your faithful ninja pets, each offering unique abilities and support to aid you in your battles.

- Insignia, Ninja Tools (God Arms), Divine Gears
Customize your ninjas with an extensive array of insignia, tools, and divine gears. Personalize your strategy for every battle.




Competitive Challenges

- Arena: Test your skills with other ninja masters in epic arena battles.
- Ninja Trial: Unlimited and toughest of trials.
- Konoha Expedition: Challenging expeditions and claim your rewards.
- Valley of the End: Seek glory in the ultimate showdown.
- Endless Trial: Endure and conquer an endless wave of challenges.

Adventure Awaits
- Realm Exploration: Venture into mysterious realms filled with hidden treasures.
- Attribute Trial: Daily challenges and master the arts of your chosen attributes.
- Fairy Cultivation: find your Divine Gear and Craft Stone
- Lost Land: Conquer the most perilous territories.




Cross-Server Activities

- Cross-Server Arena: Compete with players from around the world.
- Cross-Server Ladder: Climb the ranks to reach the pinnacle.
- Bond Arena: Test your bonds and teamwork.
- Weekly Championship: Win weekly titles and rewards.
- Ninja Championship: Show your might in this grand tournament.
- Ultimate Ninja Tier Match: Prove your ultimate ninja status.



And the best part?

- Free VIP9 (up-to VIP13)
- 1,000,000,000 Copper
- 1,000,000,000 Ninja EXP
- 1,000,000 GOLD (Ingot)
- 100,000 Ascension Pill
- Level 79
80,000 Gold for free every day, and there are fantastic first-time top-up rewards waiting for you.



The path to becoming a legendary ninja has never been this rewarding!

The time to rise as the ultimate ninja is now!
Join us in this epic adventure and let your ninja legacy begin. 

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