Free codes MAY 2023



Starting MAY 2023, we will send you lots of free codes and bonuses for FREE PLAYER (VIP0)! You will receive more if you top up and increase your VIP level on the website.

Please comback in middle month (20.05) - there are lots of codes for you!


Discord Server:



Here is the list of free codes (image) for all ENGLISH games:




These codes from VIP0 to VIP8 for 5 games:
- MU Immortal Legend RPG
- Pokemon Arena 2D
- Kungfu Arena 2D
- Magic Contract 3D
- Soul Land Reloaded
(and more game...)

A single game can get up-to 200.000 FREE COINs (Giftcodes). For 5 games, total = 1.000.000 COIN!


Video (it only vietnamese, we will make an ENGLISH version):





If you want upgrade your VIP level (website wallet), here is the total value:


URL top-up (Paypal/Crypto/Vietnam Mobilecard):



Also, accumulation activities which give you 35-60% extra promotion COIN :

  • Start: 00h00 13.05.203 (GMT+7)
  • Expried: 23h59 17.05.2023!



URL of accumulation activity:


Please upgrade your VIP and take all reward!

Thank you!


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